101 Upcycling Ideas: The Ultimate List for 2023

upcycling ideas

Here's 101 Ways To Upcycle Your Trash To Treasure and Refresh Your Home

The ‘Green Revolution’ is well under way in 2023, but what does that mean? And how can you embrace sustainable changes to support the environment? In this post we’ll explain what upcycling is, why it’s good for the planet, and give you ideas to turn your trash into treasure. 


We'll cover the following:

Easy upcycling ideas

Upcycling walls

Upcycling your home

Upcycling furniture

Storage upcycling

Book-shelf upcycling

Upcycling clothing

Upcycled gifts

Garden upcycling

Family upcycling Ideas


    How do you upcycle at home?

    Upcycling at home is easier than you may think - you likely have lots of items around your house that can be reused and repurposed. Essentially, you take an existing item and use it for something else. For instance, you could turn old glass bottles into a vase or table light by adding fairy lights.

    What is an upcycling project?

    An upcycling project can be whatever you want it to be; a personal DIY project to refresh your home decor, a creative outlet to mix up your wardrobe, or an exploration into sustainable living. Whatever your ‘why’, the goal is to take something that is no longer used and turn it into something you can benefit from.

    What materials can be upcycled?

    You can upcycle glass, metal, fabric, wood, cardboard, tin, and packaging that would otherwise be thrown away such as plastic. The only limit is your imagination! 

    What Can Be Upcycled and Repurposed?

    You can upcycle and repurpose anything from an old ladder into bookshelves, old clothing into new clothing, or even old tyres into jewellery

    How to Cut Up Old Jeans for Sewing & Upcycling Projects?

    If you’re looking for a summer DIY project to refresh your wardrobe without breaking the bank, upcycling old jeans into shorts could be the ideal starter project. You could also use the material for sewing projects such as cushion covers

    What companies are making interesting products through upcycling?

    Lots of small, local, independent retailers are creating and selling unique upcycled products online and in-store. At Paguro Upcycle we create ethical and sustainable items from tyre inner tubes, bike chains, military canvas tents, wood offcuts, and seatbelts

    Easy Upcycling Ideas and Inspiration: Let’s start by highlighting simple projects that anyone can try - regardless of your DIY experience.

    upcycled mason jar lanterns


    1. Mason Jar Lanterns

    This is the ideal starter project if you want to upcycle something you are no longer using around the house. These mason jar lanterns are one of our favourite projects - not only are they easy to make, they also add a stylish and personal finishing touch to parties, outdoor events, and weddings. 

    2. Teacup Candles

    You may have tried making your own candles during lockdown, or just love old teacups. Whether you want to repurpose your existing tea set or rescue an unloved one from a charity shop, this is another simple upcycling project to help you create a cute candle holder.

    3. Bottle Cork Coasters

    This is a creative way to reuse old wine or bottle corks and a fun DIY project that adds a touch of personalisation to your interior design.

    4. Wool Coasters

    Another material you can use to create unique coasters is wool. If you’ve got a wardrobe full of old, shrunken jumpers, or moth-nibbled jumpers, this is the ideal solution to repurpose them. 

    5. Upcycle Your Broken Dishes

    Whether it’s your favourite plate, bowl, or mug that you simply don’t want to throw away, here are some great ideas for recycling them, including a Chipped Plate Bird Bath

    6. Cable Drum Table and Cable Drum Bench Ideas

    This simple idea requires a little thought, as it is unlikely you will have a cable drum lying around. Finding one is well worth the time as you can create your perfect indoor or outdoor table with benches like this design idea.

    7. Magazine Garland

    Recycling old magazines doesn’t have to mean throwing them in the bin - you can transform them into something new, including this Magazine Garland (idea 40), which can brighten any space.

    8. Laundry Room Farmhouse Light

    If you are a fan of the industrial look in your home and want to create a unique light, this Laundry Room Farmhouse Light is the ideal project. Find out how to create your own here.

    9. Five-Minute DIY Storage Boxes

    The entire family can get involved with this project to create their own unique storage boxes for arts and crafts, toys, treasures, and stationery. 

    10. Lemon Rind Soaps

    What do you usually do with your lemon rinds? Have you thought about turning them into super cute soaps? Aside from saving space in your bin, these homemade soaps (no 53) will soothe, soften, and pamper tired hands.


    One thing that many people ask is: what can I do with my boring walls? How can I make my walls more interesting? In this section of the guide, we’re going to help you refresh your walls by using clever upcycling ideas.

    diy wall art


    11. DIY Record Clock

    There are so many ways to transform boring walls, but one of the easiest is by changing what you’ve got hanging up. For instance, this DIY Custom Vinyl Record Clock could transform your favourite vintage record that no longer plays, but is sentimental.

    12. Recycle Old Spoons To Hang Your Mug Collection

    If you have old teaspoons you no longer use or want to save a spoon from different family members for sentimental reasons, have you thought about creating a DIY mug or cup rack

    13. Create A Gallery Wall Of Old Windows

    Leave the frames blank or add your family photos, unique designs, or sentimental keepsakes can transform any wall into a personalised and vibrant space.

    14. DIY Framed Tapestry Art

    This easy art project reuses and refreshes existing frames with new paint for tapestries. You could order one online or reuse a piece of fabric or material you already own - this is a great idea if you have old clothing you no longer wear but can’t bear to throw out.

    15. Hang A Quilt!

    Feeling crafty? Have you tried quilting? Whether you want to brighten a boring wall or try a new hobby, hanging a quilt (that you have made yourself!) or rug, could be the perfect solution. We love this Boho Dining Room Wall Hanging!

    16. DIY Wall Art Ideas

    Create your own wall art using everyday items ranging from cupcake wrappers to yoghurt pots and tissue paper. This post has several ideas to inspire you and help you unlock your creativity.

    17. No-Sew Quilt Block Using Paper From Magazines, Maps, and Gift Wrap

    If you love a textured quilted design but do not enjoy sewing, we have a solution for you that is not only fun, but will brighten your boring walls instantly! This No-Sew Quilt Block tutorial explains how to transform materials from around the home into a completely new piece of decor. 

    18. DIY Herringbone Canvas Art

    Learn how to transform an old unloved canvas into something unique that instantly matches your style for less. This guide explains how to embrace herringbone print to create a statement art piece.

    19. Painted Shells For Table Displays and Wall Art

    Are you the type of person who collects keepsakes from holidays, including shells? This post explains how to transform shells into unique artwork that can be hung around the home or used to create table displays.

    20. DIY Cork Board Projects

    These DIY Cork Board Project suggestions are ideal if you want to transform your walls and create a practical space to pin all your important notices or sentimental postcards and letters.


    Lots of people want to know what upcycling projects they can embrace to help them repurpose, renovate, and upcycle items around the home.

    upcycled wine bottles

    21. Upcycled wine bottles

    Perhaps one of the most popular upcycling projects right now! This simple yet effective idea can instantly transform your dining space or home decor. You can use any glass bottle for a pop of colour or different light bulbs - you can even add fairy lights to add sparkle for special occasions. 

    22. Upcycled Cans

    You’ve finished your tin of beans, sweetcorn, or tomatoes and you’re about to throw the tin in the recycling, but what you could do is create mini hanging baskets and planters to hang outdoors or in the kitchen. Upcycling Cans is one of the simplest upcycling ideas you can try. 

    23. Spray Painting Tables Ends

    Picture this: you’ve been looking at the same coffee table/side table for weeks, months, and years. You love it, but you need a change. This simple DIY project will help you refresh and renew your existing furniture without costing a lot of money.

    24. 13 Ways To Transform Glass Jars

    Whether you have classic mason jars or everyday jam jars, this post will help you transform them and give them a new lease of life. We especially love the water candle idea (no 7), which uses fruit to create a citrus scent! 

    25. DIY Bead Magnets

    Old and broken jewellery no longer has to sit gathering dust or abandoned in dark drawers. You can transform it into useful, pretty, and unique fridge magnets.

    26. Turn A Washing Machine Drum Into A Backyard Fire Pit

    If your washing machine is broken beyond repair, have you thought about repurposing the drum? You can create your own garden fire pit for a fraction of the cost to buy a purpose-built one.

    27. Turn Old Crayons Into A Candle

    Easily create a rainbow layered candle from broken, unwanted, or unused wax candles. This simple tutorial explains how to create a pretty candle with minimal equipment.

    28. DIY No-Sew Recycled Jeans Kindle Cover

    Do you use a Kindle or e-reader? How do you protect it from getting dirty and damaged? This is the perfect solution - it’s a DIY No Sew Recycled Jeans Cover you can make and customise yourself regardless of your crafting experience. 

    29. DIY Bicycle Wheel Pots and Pans Rack

    This might not be for everyone, but it is a great space saving idea for those with smaller kitchens or anyone who prefers quirky items in their home. This unique pan rack can be customised to suit your needs.

    30. Flip-Flop Refashion (Braided Straps)

    If you’ve got an old pair of flip-flops lying around the house that is broken or on the verge of breaking - fear not! This tutorial will help you refashion them and give them a new lease of life!


    Another popular question is about upcycling furniture. If you’re a fan of programmes like The Repair Shop, you may be interested in restoration techniques as well as upcycling.

    painted furniture

    31. Painted Furniture

    Whether you want to transform wooden furniture by painting it or restoring, it will depend if you are a purist. It can be a quick and easy way to transform an old piece of furniture, such as this dresser.


    32. Upcycling Furniture Drawers

    If you’ve got an old set of drawers or a broken piece of furniture, instead of throwing it away you could remove the drawers and use them. We love this idea of turning old drawers into side tables!

    33. Repurpose Kitchen Cabinet Doors

    Getting a new kitchen, but can’t sell your old units? This is one potential solution. Have you considered repurposing your cabinet doors and turning them into something new such as a tray, key holder, or family chalkboard? 

    34. Reupholstered Furniture

    If you’re feeling confident in your abilities and want to give new life to an old or tired piece of furniture, you could try reupholstering it. This upcycling hack can make your old sofa or chair look as good as new!


    35. Funky Filing Cabinet

    If you’ve been working at home since lockdown (or before) and have an ugly-looking (but useful) filing cabinet - have you thought about transforming it? This project uses wallpaper to increase the visual appearance. 

    36. Book Side Table

    If you’ve got old books that you can’t bear to giveaway or sell, but you know you will not read them again, you could create this striking Book Side Table! There are lots of different options for you to choose from!

    37. Simple Yet Striking Chair Makeover

    In this post, an old chair that was bought at a flea market is transformed into a stylish new seat with nothing but a black dye kit and some metallic paint. The idea can be applied to an existing piece of furniture or a bargain find. 

    38. Transform A Chest Of Drawers With Leopard Print Design

    You could be updating an existing space, starting again, or struggling to find a statement piece of furniture that is ‘you’. This brilliant DIY tutorial explains how to transform a plain chest of drawers into a striking and fun leopard print piece. 

    39. Thrift Store Bookcase/Nightstand Makeover Tutorial

    This bookcase/nightstand had seen better days before it was transformed into a unique and personalised piece of usable furniture. This project is suited to an ambitious or experienced DIY-er who wants to put their stamp on their furniture for less. 

    40. Geometric Painted Furniture

    Add a splash of colour to any interior, boring walls, or old furniture with a geometric paint design. Geometric designs work on both new and old furniture - quickly transforming drawers, cabinets, and side tables.


    Creating storage spaces that are as unique as you and your style are not as hard as you may think…

    upcycled ladder shelf


    41. Upcycled Jewellery Frame

    This upcycled jewellery frame is the ideal storage solution for your earrings, necklaces, and rings. Upcycling isn’t just about transforming old items into something new, it can be as simple as offering a solution for organising your valuables. 

    42. Ladder Shelves

    Ladder Shelves are one of the most useful upcycling storage projects you can complete at home. Whether you’ve got an old set of ladders at home or you’ve found some for sale at a car boot, you can instantly save space and money. 

    43. Making Over A Salvaged Library Cart

    Aside from upcycling an item that would definitely be thrown out, this is the perfect clever storage solution for bookworms! You can easily move your ‘To Be Read’ pile between your reading spaces. It’s also a cost-effective alternative compared to purchasing a new mobile book trolley.

    44. Laminate Cabinet Transformed Into Green Boho Style Cabinet

    This is a great idea! Instead of simply transforming an old cabinet, the team behind this have taken inspiration from another piece of furniture in an expensive store - this highlights the way you can create your own designer furniture for less!

    45. Salvaged Wood and Pallet Potting Benches

    Before you throw away that old piece of furniture, door, or pallet, you need to read this guide! It will inspire you and help you transform your unwanted wood into a unique potting bench and storage unit for all your gardening tools.

    46. Upcycled Baby Crib Into Craft Room Storage

    If you enjoy crafting but struggle to store and organise your supplies, this is a great idea. You can repurpose an old baby crib into an organiser that is as unique as you and matches your style.

    47. Unloved Bread Bins Into Kitchen Storage Space

    Turning a bread bin into a storage space might not be the thought that comes to mind when trying to think of ways to increase your kitchen storage space, but they can easily be picked up at charity shops and car boot sales if you don’t have an unused one at home.

    48. Upcycled Guitar Shelf

    Not something you see every day, but a very creative storage option that can also solve the problem of boring walls. If you’ve got an old guitar that is broken, unusable, or holds sentimental value, this is the ideal way to repurpose it

    49. Old Drawers On Wheels For Under-The-Bed Storage

    This post has not one, but 20 fab ideas for clever storage solutions. We especially love the idea of turning old drawers into under bed storage simply by repurposing old wheels or casters.

    50. Clever and Charming DIY Magazine Storage Ideas

    These ideas are great for magazine and paperwork storage - we especially love the Shutter Rack (no 10) idea, which sees an old shutter transformed into a trendy storage space.


    In this section we’re going to show you an array of upcycling display ideas to help you show off your books, priceless antiques, and family treasures.

    wooden crate shelves

    51. Wooden Crate Shelves 

    Old crates might seem like a junk item, but they are perfect for a range of DIY upcycling projects. You can even create floating shelves to store your books, ornaments, or family photos!

    52. Old Drawer Into Jewellery Organiser

    If you have a varied jewellery collection with long pendant necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, it's hard to find an organiser that fits all your pieces. But if you create your own organiser out of an old drawer, you can easily access the space you need.

    53. Upcycled Vintage China Cabinet

    Old China cabinets that require some TLC can easily be found on online marketplaces. This China cabinet was scratched and had cracked glass - it had seen better days until it was repaired, painted, and upcycled into a usable cabinet.

    54. DIY Gift Wrap Station

    Regardless of whether you have an old door that you are no longer using due to renovations or you have found one at a reclamation yard, this is the ideal way to keep your gift wrap and accessories tidy and organised.

    55. Knit Yourself An Eyewear Display

    This is the perfect solution for those who wear glasses or sunglasses! If you are forever leaving them in different places around the house or end up sticking them in a random drawer, this easy-to-follow tutorial provides a handy organiser and display idea for all glasses.

    56. DIY Macrame Hanging Terrarium Tutorial

    Create your own boho Macrame Hanging Terrarium for yourself or as a gift! This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide - you don’t need any crafting experience to complete this fun project.

    57. Turn Books Into Shelves

    If you’ve got broken books that you don’t want to reread but don’t want to throw out either, this could be the perfect solution. You can create shelves from your books!

    58. Make An Aquarium Out Of An Old Television

    Not your every day DIY project, but a creative way to transform an old, outdated, or unused television. This tutorial explains how you can create a unique aquarium while upcycling something you are never going to reuse! 

    59. Tennis Rackets Into Trellis

    Old tennis rackets are easy to come by at car boot or yard sales, but have you ever thought about turning them into something completely new? What about garden trellis? This simple idea will help you create a unique garden feature and useful trellis for roses or clematis.

    60. DIY Coat Rack

    If you want a coat rack that is as unique as your style and personality, this is the ideal solution for you. Simply take some old pieces of wood and a collection of drawer handles to hang your coats off. You could even use the ends of old drawers to recycle an old piece of furniture. 

    Turning old clothing into something new might sound like an obvious upcycling choice - and there are a few obvious options on our list - but there are also some you may not have thought of!

    upcycled clothing

    61. DIY Old Jeans Into Camy Dress

    With summer just around the corner, you may be ready for a wardrobe refresh, but have you considered turning your old jeans into a camy dress? This style is perfect for walks along the beach, cocktails with friends, and days out. 

    62. Upcycle Denim Blue Jeans into a Unique Rug

    Who doesn’t have an old pair of jeans knocking about in the wardrobe? Whether they’re tatty and holey or no longer fit your style, there are so many things you can do with your old jeans, including creating a unique upcycled rug. You can mix and match different shades of denim to create an eye-catching centrepiece. 

    63. Old shirt pillowcase 

    If your favourite shirt has seen better days but it still has a sentimental value, have you thought about giving it a new lease of life and upcycling it? The super easy no-sew method is ideal for beginners and those new to upcycling fabric. 

    64. Dress Refashion Technique

    If you have a collection of old dresses that are too big, outdated, or potentially inherited from a family member, you could refashion them into something that fits you and your style perfectly. We love this Dress Refashion transformation!

    65. Repurpose T-Shirt Into A Halter Top

    If you’ve got a favourite t-shirt you can’t bear to part with, but it’s looking tired, one suggestion is to repurpose it into a stylish halter top. This technique is an easy starter project for anyone interested in upcycling clothing.

    66. Upcycling Sweater DIY

    Cropped sweaters have become increasingly popular in recent years as they are ideal for festivals, camping trips, and summer nights out with friends. An old sweater can easily be transformed into a stylish cropped sweater with this sewing technique.

    67. Refashion A Long Skirt Into A Summer Kaftan

    Finding a kaftan or kimono to suit your wardrobe can be hard! They are usually light, bright, and airy, but will they match your other items? A simple technique to ensure your new kaftan or kimono fits your style perfectly is to repurpose an old long skirt, like this

    68. DIY Upcycled Fringe Shorts

    If you have a go-to favourite pair of denim shorts, skirt, or pair of jeans but you’re tired of wearing the same outfit in all your pictures, this simple DIY Upcycled Fringe Shorts idea is perfect. You can update your jean shorts with simple crochet techniques.

    69. DIY Summer Clothes

    Another technique to upgrade your wardrobe quickly and for less is to use DIY Summer Clothes techniques. This includes revamping denim shorts by adding fabric to the back pockets or repurposing an old baggy t-shirt into a tie-front tank.   

    70. Unloved Coat Repurposed into Stylish Dress

    How often do you purchase a new coat? Once a year? Several times a year? The bigger question is: What do you do with your old coat? If you’re looking for some inspiration to reduce your waste, we love this transformation of an old coat into a stylish pinafore-style dress with pockets!

    At Paguro Upcycle we are no strangers to creating unique upcycled gifts as we work with designers around the world to create beautiful items from unwanted materials. You can embrace sustainability across all aspects of your life, including the gifts you give… 

    upcycled army tent canvas bag gift idea

    71. Bike Chain Chic

    When you think of elegant accessories, old bike chains probably don’t spring to mind, but we have been salvaging unwanted chains from bike repair shops across Nottingham and creating unique pieces of jewellery for years. From bracelets to earrings and cufflinks - we’ve got something for everyone! 

    72. Skater Cool Accessories 

    These statement jewellery pieces have been developed by a Yogyakarta-based designer. They reflect the city’s vibrant skater community and the need to transform unwanted skateboards into something new.

    73. Upcycled Wood Jewellery

    Apart from being eye-catching, this Conture Recycled Wood Gold Chain Necklace is the ideal anniversary gift for those couples who want to follow the traditional anniversary list. 

    74. Recycled Army Tent Rucksack 

    This is the ideal practical yet stylish gift for the person in your life who is always on the go. It’s made from recycled military canvas, which means it is durable enough to cope with any weather. It’s perfect for family adventures, escapes into the countryside, or for the every day commute. 

    75. Electrical Wire Earrings

    Potentially not your first thought when you’re thinking about upcycling but hear us out - this old electrical wiring is the perfect material to create a pair of statement earrings that are environmentally friendly and unique. 

    76. Upcycled Inner Tube Jewellery

    Again, probably not your first thought when we say ‘stylish accessories’ but it’s amazing what you can do with a little creativity. Are you aware that most bike inner tubes are sent to landfills, where they will sit for an eternity? The bracelets, necklaces, and chokers created by Paguro Upcycle highlight the versatility of this material.

    77. Oak Barrel Tea Light Holder

    This is the perfect housewarming gift as it adds an element of ambience to any setting, from cosy evenings in, to alfresco dining. 

    78. Recycled Rubber Motorbike Tyre Belt

    For all the cool biker dads and boyfriends out there, the Recycled Rubber Motorbike Tyre Belt is the ideal birthday, anniversary, or Father’s Day Gift. Each item is unique because of the materials used and can help people show their personality in style. 

    79. Zodiac Sign Necklace

    If your friend's embrace sustainability and fashion, these Zodiac Sign Necklaces are the ultimate gift. They are stylish and enable the wearer to reveal their sign.

    80. Upcycled Bike Messenger Bag

    We’ve all heard about the rising popularity of cycling for pleasure and commuting, but it's hard to find the ideal accessory. This Upcycled Bike Messenger Bag is ideal for the daily commute as it offers a combination of durable and water resistant reclaimed materials. 

    Upcycling projects around the home are a brilliant start, but there is a lot you can do in the garden - here’s a list of ideas to help you start your next outdoor project!

    upcycled pallet furniture

    81. Colander Hanging Baskets

    If your kitchen colanders have seen better days, don’t just throw them away! With a bit of creativity and a splash of bright paint, colanders can make the perfect hanging baskets for houseplants. 

    82. DIY Garden Bench

    If you’re desperate for some outdoor seating on a budget, you may want to try this DIY idea that sees an old bed frame transformed into a garden bench. 

    83. Outdoor Pallet Sofa Chair

    Pallets are fairly easy to come by and are another inexpensive option for creating unique outdoor furniture. You can create tables, seats, and even a sofa on casters

    84. DIY Upcycled Wood Pallet Vertical Garden

    If you are short on outdoor garden space but want to find room for more plants or even a herb garden, this could be the ideal solution for you. This DIY Upcycled Wood Pallet Vertical Garden is easy to make and customise to suit your style.

    85. Unique Garden Path made from Upcycled Finds

    Whether you’re a beachcomber or a mudlarker, the chances are you come across interesting finds while you’re out. But have you thought about using them for something else? This Unique Garden Path made from Upcycled Finds can add a splash of colour to any garden path.

    86. Recycled Herb Planters and Upcycled Wooden Ladder

    This is the perfect combination of recycled and upcycled materials. You can create a unique herb garden using old tins and an unwanted or unloved wooden ladder. A bonus feature is the fact you can move your herb garden around your garden. 

    87. DIY Upcycled Planters

    Have you ever tried to buy a planter online and realise that you’re guessing the size and don’t know if it will fit your plants or the space you have available? There is another way… You can refresh your existing planters to suit your needs with DIY Upcycling tips.

    88. Recycled Watering Can

    Do you have an old or unloved watering can in your garden? Have you thought about transforming it into a beautiful outdoors ornament? We love this quirky hanging design

    89. DIY Welly Boot Planters

    If you’ve got piles of old wellies or the kids have outgrown theirs, but you can’t bring yourself to throw them away, this is the perfect compromise. You can repurpose them as planters around the garden!

    90. Mason Jar Terrarium 

    If you want to bring a bit of the outdoors inside, this Mason Jar Terrarium is ideal! It’s a super easy project and customisable if you want to give them as gifts. You can use a range of plants, different coloured pebbles, or moss.


    Here are some of our favourite upcycling ideas to help you declutter, refresh, and have fun with the entire family.

    vintage suitcase makeover

    91. Vintage Suitcase Makeover

    Whether you’ve got old suitcases in your attic or you’ve seen a set at your local charity shop, this is the perfect upcycling project to give them a makeover and change up the overall look and feel. 

    92. DIY Dining Room Chandelier

    Chandeliers have grown in popularity as a centrepiece for many dining rooms, but the price tag makes it a big financial investment. The cost-effective alternative is to create a DIY chandelier from existing items around the house that can be upcycled and recycled. We love this Musical Chandelier idea, what’s your favourite?

    93. Easy DIY Solar Fountain 

    Easily transform your outdoor space regardless of its size with this Easy DIY Solar Fountain (with pond water plants). You can attract wildlife including birds and frogs while brightening your outdoor space.

    94. DIY Bookend Ideas 

    Treat yo’ shelves with this post on DIY Bookend ideas! We particularly love the Glitter Rocks (no 4) idea, which provides a fun and creative outlet for people who want to customise their shelves.

    95. DIY String Light Planters

    As soon as Spring arrives and we’re inspired to clear out the garden and want to refresh our furniture before BBQ season, the prices go up while the availability reduces. That’s why we love this idea to create your own DIY String Light Planters. You can add whichever plants or flowers you love and change them depending on the season.

    96. Give Old Stained Glass A New Lease Of Life

    Have you ever been to a car boot sale and seen random old panels of stained glass windows and wished you could have them in your house? Well, with this innovative idea, you can! You can brighten your space without removing your existing windows or buying expensive stained glass.

    97. DIY Recycled Sweater Woven Pouf Stool Cover

    Unwanted sweaters can easily be recycled and turned into a footstool cover thanks to this easy to follow tutorial. It uses a woven technique to provide a high-quality finish and can be customised.

    98. Make Reusable Sandwich Wraps And Snack Envelopes 

    Single-use plastic is so bad for the environment! But it's hard to think of everyday alternatives. This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions to create reusable sandwich wraps that can be used daily and prevent the need for plastic sandwich bags.

    99. DIY Oak Barrel Bar

    Whether you want to create a unique storage space for your liquor or just love the design idea, this guide will help you transform an unused oak barrel into a practical and usable storage space.

    100. Mattress Spring Bulletin Board

    Transform an old bed frame or mattress spring frame into a unique bulletin board - it is the ideal noticeboard for home offices, or it can be used in family spaces to highlight updates and school achievements.

    101. Easy And Inventive Garden Markers

    This is an easy and fun project the whole family can enjoy and you can use whatever items you have around the house. You can use pegs, wooden spoons, corks, twigs, and more to label your plants and veggies!
    We hope you have found this post inspiring. We would love to know which upcycling ideas you are going to try - leave a comment below!

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